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Although tourists should enjoy their time in Thailand, it is crucial to remain well-informed of the laws of any country where you will be spending time as a tourist. If you were a tourist in Thailand before August 2001, you may have experienced the glory days when you could legally order your last alcoholic beverage and boogie until the break of dawn. The crackdown on Thailand’s nightlife establishments hours of operation began in August 2001, spearheaded by the government’s Interior Minister at that time. Thailand introduced the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act in 2008 , which amended some of Thailand’s previous alcohol laws and increased the drinking age from eighteen to twenty.

The Act has specific language making it illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under twenty years old. The Act also set forth laws and penalties for designated areas where alcohol cannot legally be consumed. Selling alcohol to anyone who has previously lost consciousness from drinking is also against the law in Thailand. The sale of alcohol in Thailand is banned between 2pm and 5pm and again between midnight and 11am seven days a week. This rule largely affects supermarkets and chain shops, such as 7-11 or Tops. It is common knowledge that the law is not always enforced at smaller, family-run shops. The Election Commission of Thailand also bans alcohol on Election Days for the offices of Prime Minister and Senator, including advanced voting days.

In addition, the Government of Thailand has also been known to ban alcohol during religious holidays. Can I bring this Buddha image through customs? How much Thai whiskey can I legally stuff into my bag? The Customs Department of the Kingdom of Thailand has very specific laws and penalties regarding everything from alcohol to pirated DVDs to currency. Violators of laws related to illicit drugs, e. Penalties are severe and costly for failing to declare. The fine is four times the value of the items plus tax and duty.

You could also end up in prison for a maximum of 10 years, or get slapped with both penalties. If you are traveling to Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, or Vietnam, you are allowed leave Thailand with up to 500,000 baht. If you are traveling anywhere besides these five countries, however, you have to declare any amount of Thai currency exceeding 50,000 baht. Foreign currency totaling 20,000 USD also needs to be declared. While the information in the Customs Section is currently accurate, it should be noted that a newly drafted Customs Law was completed in mid-February, but is not yet legislation.

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